Monday, September 13, 2010

My Vintage Mini made with love for Paula.

Okay here it is my first attempt at a vintage album, I do kinda think it looks the part (old and distressed) but I don't think it looks a lot like the other albums coming out of this swap......

Little key looks like it fits the keyhole but they are from different companies.

The vellum pocket, holds 2 tags, it is decorated with hand tatted lace I got at a yard sale, the ric rack is vintage too.

The tag at the front is a reproduction of a birthday card.

Another vellum envelope to hold the tags and a silver heart dangle that says 'love'.

The words that look had written throughout the album are rub-ons.

I thought I was pretty original putting in a little book and Paula made me one too! We also used the same stick pins! Surprise!

The little pictures are from a sheet of K @ Co. paper Life's Journey Stamp Collage embossed paper.

I bought a package of vintage embellishments and that is what the postcard was in.

A bit more vintage lace and butterfly trim, along with brass brads.

The pocket is formed with two metal corners, I inked the bright green to make it blend with the feel of the album.

Well, I might have to try it again someday I am not sure I have this vintage distressed thing down, but I was made with love!

Feel free to ask any questions. and make comments.


  1. Rosie, it is vintage. Very pretty!!!!!

  2. Rosie ~~~ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I love my mini!