Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Scapbook Pages for Willie

Since I now have a cute little dog, I decided I should join a swap for dog scrapbook pages. There were 5 groups and I joined all 5! 2 'everyday' groups a 'boy' group a 'girl' group and a 'holiday' group. Total 52 layouts!

This page is in honor of the neighborhood telegraph. Willie seldom barks in the house but once he is outside he really lets loose. "Bark, bark!" and his buddies bark back.

Willie loves to go on walks with 'Daddy.' I submitted this for the 'boy' group. Fuzzy picture, sorry.

Some of the ladies in the swap were talking about Birthday parties for their dogs so I thought I would do a Birthday page.

Here's the page I made for St. Patricks Day I kind of made it neutral just in case someone didn't have St. Patricks Day pictures of their dog.

And last a girly page....
I got these matching papers and stamps from the Imaginise boothe at the fall Scrapbook Expo.

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