Thursday, September 16, 2010

Paint Can Swap

The Gibbs Swap this round was a paint can swap, my first. My partner was Lisa and here is the beautiful can that she sent. I really need to learn how she did the flowers.

Here is the top another beautiful fabric flower.

And being a Gibbs swap we had the requirement to make some of the treasures and she made me this great set of cards.

And this cute post it note holder that has already found a home on my computer desk where I am always looking for a piece of paper to jot down a note.

She also set the altered jar full of doggy treats for our little dog Willie. My husband thought they looked and smelled good enough he might give them a try! (Lisa, what kind are they? Willie LOVES them.)

.....AND she made this oh so cute paper bag album for us to put our little guys' picture in. (Lisa, my husbands' face was priceless when he saw this, I think his eyes even misted up, he has such a tender heart!)

Willie is a dachshund, in case you couldn't guess, and this page is great because, although, he hardly barks at all in the house, when he goes outside in the back yard he barks up a storm, and I find it really endearing, kind of like "101 Dalmatians" and the neighborhood telegraph.

It is full of great dog quotes.

I think using the bones for pulls on the tags is really cute!

Notice the collar at the top? This will be a great page to tell how weird Willie gets when you take off his collar, for some reason he goes crazy, nudging at your hand until you put it back on, and then he's happy.

Here's the really great can contents, she sent me 2 cuttlebug folders one that matches one she used on the cards, alcohol inks which I have been itching to get my hand on, and and applicator. Also, stickles, a girl can always use more bling, ribbon embellies, brads and colored safety pins.
Lisa, I want to say thank you!! I really love my can.

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  1. What a pretty paint can! Willie's paper bag album is so sweet. He's so spoiled! :-P Enjoy everything Rosie!