Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Box for Their Items.....

Something that is traditional in the Gibbs swap, is a box to hold their items in. There is a lot of variety is the boxes that get sent, but, I wanted to make something Cammi would find helpful and since I know she makes a lot of cards I decided on a box for her cards. I found a commercially created card box at the thrift store, it was all light turquoise-y blues and since I knew Cammi already had some black and white storage in her scrap room I set out to transform this box into something that would fit into her decor.
I covered up all the blues with black and white paper that I bought at Tuesday Morning, it has a month theme. Then I created file folders she could use to file her cards I left them blank so that she could adapt them to her own system and I also included a birthday and special event perpetual calendar that she could keep track of important dates and names in.

I also used white lace and black ribbon to give it some finer details.

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  1. And Cammi uses this EVERYDAY~ thanks so much Rosie!