Monday, July 26, 2010

Coffee Colar Mini Album

Once again I am drawing on my work from the Gibbs 2 swap. The day 7 challenge was a coffee collar album. I found this Mocha Gourmet cookie mix an thought it would go well with the coffee themed album I chose to create. My partner knowing I didn't drink coffee made me a beautiful album and put different teas in it. Here is a link so you can check it out. Go to post 16975 for the coffee collar album, each of those folders of tea was in a pocket. Take a minute and check out all the other beautiful creations she made for me and also what the other crafters created. Everybody interpreted the challenge a bit different I choose to do a coffee themed little book. I thought the different collars were interesting and choose to leave the advertising art visible.
I included coffee trivia, history and recipes as well as a coffee sample that came in the mail...

I Gibbs 1 (I wasn't in that round) they were challenged to make a toilet paper roll album. What interesting thing can you think of to alter?

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